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Record your client interaction on our companion iOS app or Chrome Extension.

Log into your JotPsych Dashboard on your computer to review and edit the auto-generated note.


Copy and paste your client note into your electronic medical records, then archive or delete.


Using JotPsych is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Built to capture psycho-social-behavioral factors

Customizable templates for use with any sub-specialty

Generates follow-up email template for delivery to client

Identifies ICD-10, DSM-5-TR, and CMT Codes

Sensitive to behavioral health medications and terminology

Record your patient interaction on web or mobile, in-person or telehealth. Review and edit the auto-generated note. Copy into your EHR.

What will you do with all the time you save?

Get your time back.

I started using the service to get my evenings and weekends back. I’ve kept using it because the quality of my notes has improved as well!

Jenna Shock


JotPsych has quickly become an essential part of my workflow - from therapy visits to med management. I save hours every week, and I can’t imagine going without it.

Dr. Andrew T. Schmale
Psychiatrist, MD

I've only been using JotPsych for a short time now, but so far I have been very impressed. I'm looking forward to the potential stress relief!

Dr. Erika Olson
Psychiatrist, MD

Your data doesn’t hang around. JotPsych only retains data for as long as you need to transfer our note to your EHR, so you have complete control over your patient records.

Your data is yours

JotPsych never collects your clients’ data. In fact, we’ve configured JotPsych to remove all personal identifying information from transcripts and charts.

Client info stays private

JotPsych is HIPAA compliant and has customizable security options to comply with your state’s and organization’s policies.

Learn more about our security >

Secure & HIPAA compliant

We’ve teamed up with providers from the very beginning to ensure that JotPsych meets the needs of behavioral health professionals and achieves the highest standards of clinical accuracy.

Built for your workflow

Miss something? No worries. JotPsych automatically generates a transcript of your client interaction that you can reference as you review your notes. Once you’re done, the transcript is deleted.

Accurate transcripts

JotPsych doesn’t replace your existing electronic health record system, it’s here to support it. JotPsych can work either as a standalone tool or be integrated directly into your EHR.

An EHR's best friend

Built for behavioral health.

Note bliss.

Experience the “life-changing” AI medical scribe that saves behavioral health providers 90% of their notetaking time.

No credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Absolutely, JotPsych is fully committed to maintaining HIPAA compliance and ensuring the utmost security and privacy for all patient data.

    To learn more about the specifics of our security measures and what they mean for patient security, visit this page.

  • Obtaining client consent to use JotPsych is a critical step that is both a legal requirement an an opportunity to enhance trust and communication with your clients.

    You can download our template client consent form by clicking this link.

    Clients frequently appreciate it when you use JotPsych as it allows you, their clinician, to focus more attentively on their care rather than on note-taking.

    Here are some effective talking points to help you introduce JotPsych to your clients:

    Introducing the Concept:

    "Today, I'd like to use a new AI tool named SmartScribe, developed specifically to create medical documentation from our conversation. This technology helps me to stay fully present with you during our session. Would you be comfortable if we proceed with this approach?"

    Emphasizing Accuracy and Efficiency

    "I'm incorporating a tool called SmartScribe into our sessions. It's designed to capture our conversation accurately and create documentation efficiently. This means less time typing and more time engaging with you. How do you feel about that?"

    Focusing on Enhanced Care

    "To ensure that I can provide you with the best care possible, I'm using SmartScribe, a tool that automates the charting process. It listens in on our visit and drafts notes, which allows me to concentrate more on our conversation. Are you okay with using this technology today?"

    For those practices that opt for written consent, JotPsych provides carefully designed consent forms. These forms clearly explain the function and benefits of JotPsych, ensuring that patients are well informed before they provide their signature of agreement.

    Remember, transparency is key. Make sure your clients understand that their privacy is protected and that JotPsych complies with all relevant health information privacy laws!

  • We're delighted that you're interested in bringing the benefits of JotPsych to your group practice!


    JotPsych is designed with privacy and compliance at its core, ensuring adherence to HIPAA standards. This means you can confidently use our platform knowing that you're upholding the law, provided you have obtained the necessary patient consent.


    For a firsthand experience of JotPsych's capabilities, we offer a hassle-free trial that does not require any payment information. This no-risk trial allows you to test the technology either solo or with a colleague to determine its suitability for your practice's needs.


    Understanding that adopting new technology is a significant decision for any practice, we encourage you to share information about JotPsych with your practice administrators. Our team is committed to transparency and support, ready to supply comprehensive materials that detail how our technology assists clinicians and patients, the ways in which we safeguard customer data, and how we help mitigate liability concerns.


    Visit our How it Works page for an in-depth look at using JotPsych, and start your journey to enhance your clinical practice.

  • At JotPsych, we believe in rewarding our users for their dedication and hard work. That's why we've created a discount program to celebrate your milestones with JotPsych.

    You can learn more about our discount rewards and referral programs here.

  • We would be happy to answer your questions about JotPsych, patient interactions, security, and more. Please use the link below to get in touch with our helpful team.

    We're here to help.

The average provider saves 30 hours per month on their notetaking when they use JotPsych.

Experience better-than-human scribing at a fraction of the cost. Get started with your free trial today.

Your time is valuable.

Save it.

Individual Users
  • Unlimited client notes

  • Customizable templates

  • HIPAA compliant

  • Transcript review

  • PHI/PII secure

  • On-call customer support

  • Cancel anytime

No credit card required

$150 / mo
Practice Groups

Get JotPsych for your group of 7-50 providers for $130 / mo / user.

Custom pricing available for groups with 50+ providers.



Contact us for a 14-day free trial for your practice group.​

Lightning-fast charting 

for behavioral health.

JotPsych listens to your client interactions and generates complete, HIPAA-friendly, medically-accurate notes. 

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